What’s Up? Dear White People

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 6.53.47 PMDear White People was oversold today at the Sundance Film Festival. Crowds were wrapped around the block of the Eccles Theatre, a venue with seating for 1200 people. It was amazing. The feature was developed from a short film (see the short below) a piece done by Justin Simien and Effie T Brown.

It’s really a fun not really spoof but commentary from two millennial about millennials. It’s funny, yet thoughtful and they do make some interesting points about living in general.

Dear White People

itsashort.com intends to include the short on the platform as a great example of short video. It’s confusing, the difference between short film and short video. We think this short video is a keeping it 100 example of a short video. But, what is your ┬áidea…is this short a video or a film, and truthfully, only comment if you think the distinction is important! In the meantime, please like our FB page, follow us on instagram and pinterest: itsashort is the name and just keep to it.

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