What’s Up!!? Cannes 2015 Short Film Winner


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The short film winner for the Cannes 2015 Film Festival is Waves ’98 by Ely Dagher. And, we are back!! It’s been quite a dry spell and we’ve missed sharing a lot…we missed talking about Tribeca,¬†lots of regional festivals and amazing artists. We were under construction, major but…for the best of reasons, we are going to look better, play better and just be better.

Thank you for your patience and let’s get back to stuff that’s interesting…

Waves ’98 Trailer

The film itself is in festivals throughout the world…but look for it. It’s a narrative about the filmmaker, Ely Dagher’s relationship with his home land and home town Beirut. A little heavy on the political side, but the message and the story make you think. Many of us take our homelands, our neighborhoods for granted…who thinks that any of ‘this’ can be destroyed and understand the power of that reality…not many. So its an important convo about home. Congratulations Ely!

In other news on itsashort.com, we just finished another very successful contest with our festival partner First Glance Film Festival. Some of the shorts are still available on itsashort.com. Each tells a totally cool story. The artists love your support and getting to know their work is awesome.


Check out the award winning short film, videos and web series on ¬†itsashort.com. Like, where else would you go? Right…and stop by the artists…let them know what you think of their work…thoughtful critique is always appreciated!

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