What’s Up?! Short Film and George Clooney

MV5BMGI0NGIxNzEtMWFjYS00NThmLTllZjEtNzIzMjY5NGRlZGU3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzg2ODI2OTU@._V1_UY100_CR70,0,100,100_AL_Suburbicon….a true story, and a new movie that is in wide release, October 26, 2017. Don’t miss it! George Clooney, Julianne Moore and Matt Damon tell a true story about Levittown, Pennsylvania. We’ve had experience recently in Levittown, their way of life may continue. Levittown was designed to be a town that excluded people of color, specifically African Americans. Remarkably,  the Meyer family, an African American family, bought a house and moved there in 1957. The movie tells the story of a significant period in their life living in Levittown.


itsashort.com caught up with Reggie Hudlin, the director and several members of the cast who talked about making the movie, it’s another true story, and its significance as it relates to the events of today is surprisingly relevant.Christine Boulware and Reggie Hudlin


Reggie Hudlin worked to tell a true story, worked to share actual historical context and offered insight and details about a lawsuit in 1941 in Connecticut. There are lots of surprises throughout the movie and very moving tributes. Maybe not the most significant for us, the most personally moving was a tribute to Trayvon Martin. In the closing scene, The central figure, Thurgood Marshall, is called to a new case in the south and when he finally arrives by train, he’s greeted by the  local officials of the community. They are portrayed by the living parents of Trayvon Martin. Its those kinds of details throughout the movie that sharpen the focus, punch the points and allow each viewer a more profound historic glimpse.

The Shorts!

George Clooney is also committed to short film! Here’s the trailer for a short film he made, The Big Empty, in 2005!

ITSASHORT.COM, we are hosting FirstGlance online short film contest. Please check it out here. The contest and the short films included are fascinating, heart breaking, scary and very funny!

Harvey Weinstein:  well…what can be said, its a piece of the culture whose time has finally ended. Yes, ended.. this kind of behavior, intimidation, threats and other forms of bullying of women for being women, that is over. Hopefully, those women who have been silenced will continue to find their voice and tell their stories, as truth telling is our pathway to prosperity. Thank you to the women for standing and telling their truth and thank you to the men who stand for truth.

Finally, we want to welcome and thank our sister blog: Tinsel and Tine! Its a wonderful blog about film…including short film and food! Delicious!


What’s Up?! The Short Film Life with a touch of Feature


Chadwick Boseman, aka Thurgood Marshall for the next several weeks is a remarkably versatile actor. We know him in ‘42′, he was also one of my favorite characters in the movie Draft Day. It’s not a movie about the infamous Brown v Board litigation but in fact begins in 1941 with a very controversial case where the then young Thurgood Marshall was not allowed to argue the case in the courtroom.

Reggie Hudlin, the gifted director whose first movie was House Party, has delivered a unique and thoughtful film. The cast is amazing and includes Kate Hudson, Josh Gad and Sterling K Brown. It opens Friday, October 13th! Look for it!

Chicago International Film Festival

The festival opens today! And, it’s opening feature is the movie Marshall. This years festival, it’s 53rd year will be chock full of feature films from around the world, industry days for the ‘working filmmaker, film enthusiast crowd’ and a rich roster of short film. itsashort.com is there for the shorts…but we are not going to miss the amazing moments of opening night which include Chdwick Boseman and Reggie Hudlin in attendance.

Festivals This Week!

Festivals opening this week around the country too many to count. There are 3 in Chicago and hundreds around the country. Check your local listings…and support these artists. Two favorites this time of year are Heartland Film Festival and Mill Valley Film Festival. We are excited about the Austin Film festival and a hidden gem Hells Half Mile Film Fest which ran September 28- October 1, 2017.


There’s lots going on! The FirstGlance online short film contest launched this week, check it out the shorts are amazing. Watch and vote for your favorite everyday! We would like to introduce you to one of our blogging partners. She is interested in supporting crowdfunding efforts for short film and feature length film. The blog is Tinsel and Tine and here’s the story and the offer:

This summer, a Crowd Funding Campaign for a short film by a Philly filmmaker came to my attention and I decided to reach out and help to promote her Indiegogo Campaign via T&T’s social media platforms and site. Here’s the link – http://www.tinseltine.com/2017/09/crowdfunding-campaign-highlight-for.html  I’d like to think my efforts helped to drive some donating traffic; at any rate, she made her goal.  I’ve decided I’d like this to be an ongoing feature, to choose an upcoming Crowd Funding Campaign and help promote it.  I need at least a 2 week lead time before the campaign is set to begin. 

If interested, email me: tinseltinepromotions@gmail.com
As always, short film gives us life!



What’s Up!? Short Film: Must Kill Karl

Must Kill Karl Must Kill Karl makes its Canadian premiere at the Edmonton Film Festival this Friday, October 6, 2017. The festival opened September 28, but clearly one of the best of the short film is yet to be seen. Three key figures who serve as writer, director and actor, happen to be best friends and two of the three are coupled!

The short film is about the one friend we all love to hate and in this movie, ultimately decide must be killed? The three people involved in the creation are: Karen Moore, Mike Lobel and Joe Kicak. Karen and Joe are the writer producer team and Mike, their real life high school ‘bud’ is the principal actor. Below is the ‘press note’ about Karen, Mike and Joe.

‘Karen Moore is a Toronto-based writer and producer of narrative TV and films. Karen’s currently a writer/co-producer on the hit comedy series Workin’ Moms (CBC). Her TV writing/story editing credits include What Would Sal Do? (Crave) and Rookie Blue (ABC/Shaw). Karen is in development with CBC Kids on a Digital Original series. Karen wrote/produced the 2012 BravoFACT drama, Your Place or Mine, and the award-winning drama, Frozen Marbles.

Mike Lobel as Karl is best known for his roles as Jay Hogart on CTV’s “Degrassi: The Next Generation” and DJ on the Family Channel sitcom “Really Me”.  A trained musician, Mike has been a member of the indie-pop band Future Peers. Co-starring an ensemble cast, Must Kill Karl takes an unexpected turn that will take you by surprise.

Award-winning filmmaker Joe Kicak is a writer/director/producer keeping busy with his other award wining short ‘Frigid’ on the festival circuit. Joe is currently in development with CBC Kids with a Digital Original series. His previous directing credits include the award-winning short film Distilled Love, which received the National Screen Institute’s Drama Prize. His feature film, Two Days Till Tomorrow, screened at festivals across North America and won a limited Canadian theatrical release with AMC theatres.’

Must Kill Karl Trailer

Must Kill Karl makes its US debut this year at the Austin Film Festival and Karen, Mike and Joe will be there!


In the itsashort universe, we are preparing to launch the FirstGlance online short film contest October 9, 2017. The shorts are amazing. Participating in the contest is beyond easy! Just click here starting Monday October 9, at noon central.

Puerto Rico, the CariBbean and Mexico City

Many of our fans, subscribers and friends of itsashort.com have been affected by either the awful events in Las Vegas, the devastating effects of the hurricane throughout the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico where enormous numbers of people have been affected and Mexico City which is still reeling from the devastating affects of the earthquake. The losses will be incalculable in human and even material costs but the opportunity to somehow help is being embraced in astonishing ways throughout the world. Our instincts to care for others is exampled everywhere. We know that everyone who can help is helping…and so are we here at itsashort.com. We will post something every week that shares the work of everyday people helping others.