What’s Up?! Short Film and George Clooney

MV5BMGI0NGIxNzEtMWFjYS00NThmLTllZjEtNzIzMjY5NGRlZGU3XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNzg2ODI2OTU@._V1_UY100_CR70,0,100,100_AL_Suburbicon….a true story, and a new movie that is in wide release, October 26, 2017. Don’t miss it! George Clooney, Julianne Moore and Matt Damon tell a true story about Levittown, Pennsylvania. We’ve had experience recently in Levittown, their way of life may continue. Levittown was designed to be a town that excluded people of color, specifically African Americans. Remarkably,  the Meyer family, an African American family, bought a house and moved there in 1957. The movie tells the story of a significant period in their life living in Levittown.


itsashort.com caught up with Reggie Hudlin, the director and several members of the cast who talked about making the movie, it’s another true story, and its significance as it relates to the events of today is surprisingly relevant.Christine Boulware and Reggie Hudlin


Reggie Hudlin worked to tell a true story, worked to share actual historical context and offered insight and details about a lawsuit in 1941 in Connecticut. There are lots of surprises throughout the movie and very moving tributes. Maybe not the most significant for us, the most personally moving was a tribute to Trayvon Martin. In the closing scene, The central figure, Thurgood Marshall, is called to a new case in the south and when he finally arrives by train, he’s greeted by the  local officials of the community. They are portrayed by the living parents of Trayvon Martin. Its those kinds of details throughout the movie that sharpen the focus, punch the points and allow each viewer a more profound historic glimpse.

The Shorts!

George Clooney is also committed to short film! Here’s the trailer for a short film he made, The Big Empty, in 2005!

ITSASHORT.COM, we are hosting FirstGlance online short film contest. Please check it out here. The contest and the short films included are fascinating, heart breaking, scary and very funny!

Harvey Weinstein:  well…what can be said, its a piece of the culture whose time has finally ended. Yes, ended.. this kind of behavior, intimidation, threats and other forms of bullying of women for being women, that is over. Hopefully, those women who have been silenced will continue to find their voice and tell their stories, as truth telling is our pathway to prosperity. Thank you to the women for standing and telling their truth and thank you to the men who stand for truth.

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