is at the vanguard of the short film movement. We believe the short film genre is one of the most effective mediums for telling trenchant, compelling, and impactful stories. Our site offers subscribers hundreds of short films, video and web series. also co-hosts film contests for emerging filmmakers.


What Netflix and Hulu are for feature films and television shows, is for short film, video and web series The award-winning short films we feature are curated and organized by channels. You can find comedy, drama, documentaries, horror and adventure all while learning about new emerging artists.


Our mission is two-fold. Yes, we feature the best the short film genre has to offer. However, we also provide a platform for talented artists and filmmakers.


Financing and distribution remain the biggest obstacles for emerging filmmakers and media artists in general. We launched to help talented directors and producers clear these hurdles and gain instant access to a worldwide audience of film lovers and supporters. We are an online portal for artists who want to get their work seen.


By offering the latest in mobile and web technology, helps viewers find great short films, execute a fast, safe transaction and experience a high quality motion picture experience. also hosts a vibrant community of artists eager to connect with their audiences. strives for the win-win: artists get to promote their work and advance their careers, and those of us who appreciate film gain access to a world of fascinating stories via the ever popular short film genre.