What’s Up: PSI Shortfest and Alan Becker and Animation!

Palm-Springs-ShortFest-2015-gifThe festival was amazing! The short film winners, wow. The Palm Springs International Shortfest has just concluded it’s 21st year. It is the largest short film festival  and short film marketplace in the United States.

Actually Palm Springs does two festivals per year, the International Film Festival held in January and then ‘shortfest’ every June. As a market place this year they screened over 300 shorts actually culled from 3000 submissions….all available through the market place.

But, which short film was our favorite?

Well Body Team 12, is a favorite, it was also recognized this spring  at Tribeca and mentioned in our previous blog post. Our new favorite and part of the online contest for Palm Springs International Short fest is Animation vs Animator!

Its our favorite because the story is cool…and so is the animator Alan Becker.

The Story of Alan…he started his series Animation vs Animator very early in his career/life. The fourth in the series, Animation vs Animator IV is on the itsashort.com platform. And was created by Alan just after graduating from school.

The story, which you have to watch is about the central character, a stick figure. The stick figure, does the stick figure have a name…I think it’s just stick figure, takes over the Alan’s computer and in the process demonstrates very unique characteristics…like it can talk?

The stick figure makes friends with other animation figures being developed on the same computer, has major temper tantrums, kicks butt, crashes Facebook messenger, totally boss. Resolution was tough but ultimately, the stick figure agrees to negotiate a relationship, which though hard to believe, makes a lot of sense!!!

Alan, as the animator is genius. The short film also animates the iphone, totally cool.


Deeply committed to award winning and nominated artists we introduce our audiences to Alan Becker…an animator worthy of respect.

What’s Up!! 2015 Oscar Nominess: Animated Shorts!!!!

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 6.53.47 PMSo, here’s a wonderful synopsis of the 2015 Oscar nominated animated shorts….


We thought since everyone has watched either via twitter, facebook, or….all the other social media platforms, the best memes, gifs, video clips of the major moments of this years’ 2015 Grammy awards, here’s something that probably has not been seen. Let us know what you think!

In the meantime, we are premiering…is that a word?, episode 2 of the wonderful webseries The Verge. Join us this Thursday 2/12 at 8 central for not just the series…but a discussion with the cast and crew about why Chase, Amy and Jessica? are involved. We will host a live-streamed Google Hangout immediately following the episode. We need your questions, comments via Q & A or using the hashtag #vergeseries.  We want the author? of the best tweet for the series The Verge to join us in the hangout as our guest host….


We are all about sharing the work of these amazing artists with equally amazing fans, that you would be you the reader. How, become a subscriber of itsashort.com. Watch these award winning shorts and share with your friends and colleagues. So, show some awesome love to these artists and join us!

What’s Up! 2forStew #Premiere!

Hilarity by definition, according to a Google search, is:

extreme amusement, especially when expressed by laughter.
“his incredulous expression was the cause of much hilarity”
synonyms: amusement, mirth, laughter, merriment, lightheartedness, levity, fun, humor, jocularity, jollity, gaiety, delight, glee, exuberance, high spirits;

That friends, is the only way we can define ‘2forStew’ this week’s premiere, short sketch comedy series created by and starring Ben Atkinson and Darren Mangler.

Please join us tomorrow July 1, 2014! Register at itsashort.com using the premiere code ‘beta’ and then join us afterward for a Q & A Google Hangout with the cast.


What’s Up: When Comedy Gets Real for Real


Australia is not the first place that would inspire one to think about the big ‘ism’ racism, is it? Certainly not the racism that we have come to know in the US. Yet, below is a short video from a young Australian comedian who offers a  unique view of racism. But, let’s throw a little shade on this conversation…no pun intended! In a published interview with an African American professor who teaches on the subject of race and is bi-racial but identifies as ‘black’, she reports that the US is increasingly multi-racial which is beginning to have a curious effect on the ‘race’ conversation. For the first time in her class, more than half her class identified as bi or multi-racial and chose not  to identify as one race but as bi or multiracial. The idea of race as an identity is changing in the US. Identity is just one thread of a very complex discussion on ‘race’. There is another ‘race’ conversation that is about a state of mind. This comedian brilliantly illuminates, again no pun intended, the race discussion as a state of mind. Check it out! 

Fear of the Browning of America


Keep the conversation going…

Our collective thinking on this issue continues to evolve…and this 2 minute ‘chat’ makes it clear that our collective ideas about #racism as a shared experience needs to be better understood. For more short video, short film and new webisode series, please register on itsashort.com!