What’s Up? Traverse City Film Festival and Short Film Tracks

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The Traverse City Film Festival kicked off this Tuesday, July 25th and reports are that it is amazing, today is Day 3! Below is the ‘daily’ video that talks about two aspects of the festival: food and films about food; and the volunteer experience.

itsashort.com partners with festivals to share significant events, news about the festival or just a genuine honorable mention, just because. We are huge fans of Michael Moore since like the beginning and this festival is a brilliant expression of his vision and that of so many people involved. if you can’t make it this weekend…bookmark it for next year.

Favorite Feature

There’s one film that has special resonance for current and past residents of the City of Detroit: 12th and Clairmont. This film is a kind of documentary about the Detroit Riots in 1967 and the realizations that flowed from that moment in the city’s history.

Finally a great opportunity for short filmmakers! Check out this announcement from The Hollywood Reporter! Its a collaboration between TIFF and Instagram, the launch of a digital short film competition.

For more info and amazing short film, checkout our site: itsashort.com, an online platform for award winning and award nominated short film, video and web series!

What’s Up?! Barack, Michelle at SXSW and the Short Films Movement

Barack and Michelle Obama at SXSW (short films, movies, music, interactive)

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama/Wikimedia Commons

What’s up good people?! Welcome to your weekly itsashort.com roundup where we talk short films, festivals and movies.

The biggest news of the week has to be SXSW. Oh, you didn’t hear? Barack and Michelle Obama will be keynote speakers at the music and interactive festivals. You read that right: The President and The First Lady.

No they will not take part in the SXSW Film Festival, but the fact they are coming to Austin is still significant.

It will mark the first time in SXSW’s 30-year history that a sitting President and the First Lady will participate in the event, according to the SXSW site.

On Friday, March 11, President Obama will sit down with Evan Smith, CEO / Editor in Chief of The Texas Tribune, for a conversation about civic engagement in the 21st Century before an audience of creators, early adopters and entrepreneurs who are defining the future of our connected lives.

 First Lady Michelle Obama comes to SXSW Music on Wednesday March 16 “to discuss the “Let Girls Learn” initiative, which aims to break barriers for the 62 million girls around the world who are not in school today, more than half of whom are adolescent.”

Said SXSW Co-founder Roland Swenson, “I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate our event’s 30th year than to welcome both the President and First Lady to SXSW.”

Whatever the case, itsashort.com will be in the building and we cannot wait.

Details regarding location, time, streaming, and access to these events will be announced on the SXSW website soon. Check back here.


The Movie Business (short films and movies)


The Short Film Revolution And Us

Do you know the story of itsashort.com and how it came to be?

Founder Chris Boulware wanted to give life to the films of independent artists because many don’t have a platform to showcase their works.

“If you don’t get into festivals, you don’t get seen,” said Boulware, recently. “We wanted to create a platform where people can see curated short content.”

Short films are a passion of Boulware’s and they are becoming more popular than ever.

Some of the most creative and engaging stories are being told through short films, states a recent article in The Atlantic. Even though the genre remains marginalized to a degree, there is hope:

…the Internet has allowed people outside the studio system to create and distribute their own work, and has helped filmmakers reach viewers around the world with unprecedented ease. As a result, short film is again becoming a vibrant and original medium in a blockbuster-driven, reboot-riddled industry.

Itsashort.com is proud to be at the forefront of this movement. In two years, nearly 400 filmmakers have uploaded content to our site. To be a part of this burgeoning movement, feel free to register at itsashort.com to view our repository of award-winning short films and upload your own content.

One more thing: get your popcorn ready. That is all.

Our Mission  

Itsashort.com is a platform for filmmakers and creators the world over. We love short films. Plus, we at itsashort.com want to introduce audiences to award-winning and award-nominated artists who create movies, web series and videos. Check out itsashort.com and register to see the wonderful work of these creatives here.

What’s Up?! Hangout with “Sour Milk” Filmmaker; Sundance Short Films

One of the best short films from this past year.

Poster for “Sour Milk”

What’s Up, good people?! Welcome to your weekly buzz report from ITSASHORT.COM. As you know, SUNDANCE is rolling and itsashort is flowing. And, We’re Talking short Films.

You need to flow with us this Thursday as we are planning to host another Google hangout, this time with award-winning filmmaker Elliot Gonzo and media mogul Brandon Broussard. These guys will answer all your questions about filmmaking, and Gonzo will discuss his critically-acclaimed short “Sour Milk.”

“Sour Milk” is a gritty and dark comedic delight, so much so that it earned Gonzo a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) nomination and a Best Story award at last year’s London International Fimmaker Festival.

Here is the trailer, but you should subscribe at Itsashort.com where you can view it in its wondrous entirety.

The Google Hangout is scheduled Thursday at 8 p.m. You will be able to follow the live stream here.

Want more info about “Sour Milk?” Visit this link.


‘Sundancing’ In Park City

Among the 72 Sundance short films is "Bob Dylan Hates Me."

Bob Dylan performing at the Feyenoord Football Club Stadium, Rotterdam, June 23, 1978 (Wikimedia Commons)

Did we mention that itsashort is at Sundance? Of course we did. Our fearless team has been making the rounds in Park City. They created connections and participated in important discussions about filmmaking, technology and distribution. One of the panels, entitled “A New Deal?“, focused on the relationship between film and distribution.

Here’s a clip of Ted Hope, head of distribution for Amazon, who took part in the “New Deal” panel.

The Sundance short films program is robust, 72 entries in all and, as expected, they run the gamut. One is a six-minute, animated dandy called “Bob Dylan Hates Me,” which features the rock legend himself. Ever wonder what it’s like to meet your idol in real life? This film explores that question.

The documentary short, “Bacon & God’s Wrath” is about a 90-year-old Jewish woman who prepares to try bacon for the first time. Here’s the trailer from last year’s Toronto International Film Festival:

What would Sundance be without documentary shorts? This year’s entries tackle hot-button issues. There’s “Verbatim: The Ferguson Case,” about the unarmed black teenager Michael Brown who was shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

Many outlets are highlighting the work as a must see among the Sundance short films.

Then, there are those oddball entries that are simply compelling, like “The Chickening,” which is a rework of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, only it features – um – poultry. According to The Wrap, the animated short had Midnight audiences “clucking at the Toronto International Film Festival this fall.”

Sounds delightful.

Sundance ends January 31. There is a plethora of festival programs you can stream live. Check out live events at this link and get all your up-to-the-minute festival updates on Twitter. And while you’re at it, follow itsashort.com on Twitter for news about short films we’re excited about and events in Park City and beyond.

Until then, be well. We’ll be back next week with the full Sundance “4-1-1.”


Our Mission

We love short films. Plus, we at itsashort.com want to introduce audiences to award-winning and award-nominated artists who create movies, web series and videos. Check out itsashort.com and register to see the wonderful work of these creatives here.

What’s Up! Itsashort.com!

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