What’s Up?! Francis Ford Coppola Supports Short Film

Francis Ford Coppola (short film and movie news)

Francis Ford Coppola/FICG.mx, Flickr

What’s up, good people?! Our gold-medal worthy movie and short film news blog is here, but we’ll accept your cheers.

Legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola recently relaunched his virtual studio Zoetrope.com. Coppola founded the site way back in 1997 as a global creative community for writers, filmmakers and other creatives.

With this new relaunch, Zoetrope will showcase the short film genre. The shorts showcase will offer screenwriters, directors and producers peer feedback. Membership is free. This is how it works. For every story a member submits, they are required to review five submissions by other participants. Think of it as a virtual creative writing workshop.

For Coppola, who has directed some of the most influential films in history, Zoetrope is all about providing access.

“…that’s what I was trying to do with this site – let everyone have access to a movie studio or set a new context of creative community for people interested in cinema, music, acting, art, graphics, photography, songwriting, and so on.”

Again, for the low, low price of “Free.99,” you can take part in this amazing opportunity by going to Zoetrope.com.

Short of the Week

"Mirror" (short film and movie news)

“Mirror” poster/Facebook

“Mirror” is about a man, haunted by his reflection in the mirror, who seeks help for his visions. When he gets that help, he plunges further into his nightmare.

This short film, directed by Dustin Biren and Thomas Ouziel, is kind of a big deal. It was screened at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, and was also nominee in the First Glance Short Online Contest.

If you’re into dark, psychological thrillers, then this short film is right for you.

So grab some popcorn and root beer (or real beer), and check out this harrowing 10-minute short film.

Hit this link to watch “Mirror” and buckle up!


Black Harvest

Black Harvest Film Festival (short film and movie news)

Black Harvest Film Festival poster/Facebook

The venerable Black Harvest Film Festival has launched at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, and will screen some game-changing films all month. Already in its 22nd year, the festival highlights films that chronicle the black experience, both nationally and internationally.

Black Harvest, which runs until September 1, will screen 56 features and shorts in all. Amid that veritable gumbo are old classics like Prince’s Purple Rain and Charles Burnett’s To Sleep With Anger. In fact, the festival opened with a screening of that classic Prince film (Sigh, we still can’t believe he’s gone, either.)

Purple Rain (short film and movie news)

Purple Rain poster/Facebook

The short film programs are highlight trenchant and relevant experiences, which have long been the hallmark of Black Harvest. For example,  short film programs will highlight filmmakers from Chicago and abroad. Other curated programs will showcase shorts on family and love.

For more information on Black Harvest, please visit this site.


From Around the Web…

Suicide Squad character  Harley Quinn (short film and movie news)

Suicide Squad character Harley Quinn/Facebook

Everybody is talking about Suicide Squad, the summer blockbuster with subpar reviews.

The film about comic supervillians has taken some serious shots.

Take Joe Morgenstern of the Wall Street Journal: “Suicide Squad” amounts to an all-out attack on the whole idea of entertainment. (The opening lines of his review is even worse.)

And this zinger from Christopher Orr of The Atlantic: If I have not yet convinced you of the movie’s astonishingly slipshod quality, I’m unlikely ever to do so.


Still, Suicide Squad managed to break records as this weekend’s top-grossing film both here and at the foreign box office.

The question remains, how did this poorly-reviewed film rake in so much money? The New York Times provided a little “inside baseball” on how Warner Bros. was able to make Suicide Squad penetrate the American consciousness. The jury is still out on the film’s overall profitability, but it makes for an intriguing case study on how marketing can overcome critical reception.

Check out the piece for yourself. It is well worth the read.

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What’s Up?! Prince, Vote In This Short Film Contest

Prince (short film and movie news)


What’s up good people?! Itsashort.com is hitting you with the movie and short film news you need for your life.

This week, though, we have to pay tribute to Prince Rogers Nelson, who died last week at 57.

Like you, we are in disbelief that Prince is no longer with us. In the wake of his mysterious death, we are left to assess his massive influence as one of the greatest musicians ever. A plethora of think pieces, tributes and retrospectives have emerged in the advent of his death.

Wonderful videos of his past performances have also emerged.

Some of our favorites include his performance at the 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, where he stole the show from Tom Petty, Steve Winwood and Jeff Lynne in their rendition of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”

You can watch the entire video or just fast forward to the 3:27 mark. That’s when Prince elevates the song to another level by exhibiting his breathtaking mastery of the guitar.

We loved the Saturday Night Live tribute to The Artist as well, which featured all of his past performances on the long-running sketch comedy show.

“Other people may have been on the show more times or performed more frequently, but there was always something different about a Prince performance — it was special, it was an event, it was Prince,” said Jimmy Fallon, the host for the special tribute episode.

SNL transported us to 1989 via the wayback machine with Prince’s performance of the song “Electric Chair.”

SNL also broadcast one of the last times he performed on the show in 2014.

The cherry on top was a video shared by a former SNL cast member showing Prince rocking the after party for Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary.

Yes, his loss reverberated throughout many sectors of the world, from publishing to entertainment and even the sports world.

Prince’s show at the 2007 Super Bowl is still mentioned as one of the best halftime performances ever.

I mean, the man performed “Purple Rain” in the midst of a downpour at the outdoor stadium where the game was held.

If there is one comforting fact to emerge from his passing, it is this: According to multiple reports, Prince has so much unreleased music in his vault his estate could put out a posthumous album every year for the next 100 years.

We still wish the man himself was here to perform it all for us.

Your First Glance

FirstGlance Film Festival (short film and movie news)

FirstGlance Film Festival

Itsashort.com is devoted to providing a platform for creators of short film and video. We want to give these talented filmmakers a means of distribution for their work. We want to shine a light on films we think are fantastic.

One of the way we do that is through our FirstGlance Film Contest. For our Spring contest we have selected 16 short film works that are all vying for the contest’s top prize, a screening at the prestigious FirstGlance Film Festival in Philadelphia. We don’t select the winners ourselves, you do. Go here and watch all of the semi-finalists and then vote for your favorite short film. There is no cost, the only thing you paying is your attention and opinion. You can vote once-a-day, every single day.

The contest ends on May 17. Go here to watch and vote now.

Our Mission

Itsashort.com is a platform for filmmakers and creators the world over. We love the short film genre. Plus, we at itsashort.com want to introduce audiences to award-winning and award-nominated artists who create movies, web series and videos. Check out itsashort.com and register to see the wonderful work of these creatives here.