What’s Up?! Alejandro Iñárritu Directs Short Film

Alejandro Iñárritu VR short film

Leonardo DiCaprio/The Revenant

What’s up, good people?! Ready to raise the curtain on short film news this week? let’s do It.

Director Alejandro Iñárritu gets the band back together with cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki for a new  experimental project. The Oscar-winning duo who worked on Birdman and The Revenant, are collaborating with Legendary Entertainment and Lucasfilm to create a new virtual reality short film.

Word on the street is it will be a subversive look into the world of immigration. Considering the big players, this short film is a “must-watch.”


Lucasfilm is no stranger to short film, though. In fact, this year they teamed with StarWars.com to host a fan film contest. Above is the director’s cut of “TK-436: A Stormtrooper Story” which was selected as the Filmmaker Select award winner by a jury that included Gareth Edwards, director of Rogue One. The Force was strong with this one!

To watch all of the award winners from each category, click here.

Short of the Week – LIVE!

22 Years

We announced last week the premiere launch event of the highly anticipated short film, 22 Years.” With the multi-talented Dawn Noel at the helm as both lead actor and producer, “22 Years” is proof of what good things may come when skill, creativity, and passion are employed to share diverse perspectives.

Join us for the FREE premiere today followed by a live-streamed interview with the cast Dawn Noel, Luis Jose Lopez, Kearran Giovanni, Alexander E. Garland, and director Fred Thomas. Get your popcorn ready!

The event airs Tuesday, October 4, 8:00pm Central Time, 6:00pm Pacific Time, 9:00pm Eastern.


Chicago Int’l Film Festival

9 Rides - CIFF

Now in its 52nd year, it’s clear why CIFF is the longest running film festival of its kind. Arresting films from around the world light the screening rooms with the goal of cultivating diverse cultural conversations through international and independent art.

The festival runs October 13 – 27 and showcase  200 total films. If you’re in Chicago you’re bound to find something you like and discover something you love. Heavy buzz surrounds the Barry Jenkins film, Moonlight, about love and self-identity. Rumblings are also increasing about 9 Rides, a film by writer/director Matthew A. Cherry about a driver who sees himself through the lives of his passengers.

Plus, it was filmed entirely on an iPhone!

Moriom-CIFF Short Film

“Moriom” – CIFF Short Film

The short film slate looks more promising each year. One of the more compelling is “Moriom,” a Swiss film about the lasting effects of trauma. It’s part of the It’s All True shorts, one of 6 short film programs throughout the fest.

For the complete list of short films, from claymation to documentary, click here.

Around the Web…

Luke Cage - Netflix

Luke Cage – Netflix

Soooo… Luke Cage broke Netflix last weekend. The latest Marvel series available for streaming was so popular that the site shut down. Things eventually worked themselves out and the show appears to live up to the hype.

Marvel is taking a certain amount of care with their first black super hero show. There is grit to Mike Colter’s Luke Cage but the story arranges its players like chess pieces. We’ll see if execs will make the move for a second season.

Not familiar with Luke Cage? Check out his story here and let us know what you think.

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What’s Up?! Leo, 3 Oscar Short Films: All Winners

Leonardo DiCaprio (movies, short films)

Leonardo DiCaprio/youtube.com

What’s up good people?! Itsashort.com is happy to bring to you a special Oscars edition of our weekly roundup, including the short films that took home the hardware.

From the moment Chris Rock took the stage with that blazing opening monologue, we knew the proceedings were going to be lit.

And boy we were right.

Leo finally got one – finally!!

“Spotlight” snagged the award for Best Picture, and Mad Max: Fury Road took home six Oscars (!!!!) for everything from Costume Design to Film Editing.

All that aside, we were especially ecstatic for the short films that won big on Sunday night: “A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness” for Documentary (Short Subject), “Bear Story” for Short Film (Animated) and “Stutterer” for Short Film (Live Action).

A Girl in the River, a moving short about a Pakistani woman who survives an honor killing, got quite the presentation by comedian Louis C.K.

“These people—this is documentary short film,” he said. “It’s not even documentary feature…You cannot make a dime on this. These people will never be rich for as long as they live. So this Oscar means something. All they do is tell stories that are important.”

Indeed. It was a scathing yet honest assessment: short films, largely unloved by the public, are a potent vehicle for telling important stories. On Sunday, all three shorts got their proper due.

Bear Story made a little history of its own as the first Chilean film to be nominated in the animated short category.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Bear Story is a profound work that cuts deeper than your typical animated film:

To viewers outside Chile, it’s a sad story about a separated family; to those familiar with the country’s horrific history under former dictator Augusto Pinochet, it’s a metaphor for the way that regime destroyed families. Director Gabriel Osorio has said the story was inspired by real events involving his grandfather.

Check out the trailer below:

And finally, some well-deserved plaudits for the British film “Stutterer,” a short that has been racking up on the awards circuit over the past year. The premise? A man who stutters is about to meet a woman in person that he has only spoken to online.

What’s amazing about this work – written, directed and edited by Benjamin Cleary – is that it truly embodies the term “independent film” in almost every way imaginable:

“Stutterer” is Cleary’s first short film and it proudly represents the independent filmmaking spirit. Its production was a true labor of love that had only a couple thousand dollars to bring it all together and relied on the filmmaker and his team’s willingness to go to great lengths to bring it to fruition.

So while the Oscars diversity controversy dominated the night, three very diverse offerings, each telling meaningful stories, were recognized for their unparalleled excellence.

That’s something we can all celebrate.


Intimate Portrait, Global Crisis

Our spotlight short film of the week is “Growing Home,” a trenchant work about a displaced barber who struggles to live a normal life with his young family at the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan.

"Growing Home" Movie Poster (short films, movies)

“Growing Home” Movie Poster

The conditions are dire and completely heartbreaking, and the daily distractions are ongoing. It is a potent, yet intimate portrait of the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis. It is one of those short films that will make American viewers dismiss the daily inconveniences they experience. To view the trailer for the film you can register at itsashort.com.

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Itsashort.com is a platform for filmmakers and creators the world over. We love short films. Plus, we at itsashort.com want to introduce audiences to award-winning and award-nominated artists who create movies, web series and videos. Check out itsashort.com and register to see the wonderful work of these creatives here.