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About Statement

Finding quality short films should be as easy as searching Google, YouTube, or Vimeo. For the filmmakers out there, getting eyeballs on your short is as simple as submitting it to a big-name festival and hoping it will get selected.

Unfortunately, financing, distribution, and recognition are the biggest hurdles facing most emerging media artists. Filmmakers such as yourself have to overcome massive odds to have your work accepted by a reputable festival. It is also challenging to find platforms where you can upload work for viewers who seek your content.

These predicaments are precisely why we launched itsashort.com, a rewarding channel where creators and viewers can come together. We want to help talented directors and producers gain instant access to a worldwide audience of film lovers and supporters. We want to help film lovers by creating a one-stop shop, so to speak, of the very best short form content from independent and emerging artists.

How Film Lovers Benefit

For viewers in search of original, quality works, itsashort.com provides short films curated by category from new, emerging, and established filmmakers. You can watch short films in almost every imaginable subgenre, from comedy and drama to documentary and experimental. What’s more, all that’s required to gain access to every film in our media library is $20 for a yearly subscription. If you are seeking a monthly option, it’s just $2 per month or 150% less than a standard Netflix monthly subscription. Want to view just one film, all you’ll need to pay is a one-time fee of $1.49 to have access to it for an entire month.

How Filmmakers Benefit

For creators like you who are seeking an inexpensive, no-fuss platform, itsashort.com provides you a space to upload your film and get compensated for views. When somebody rents your film, you get paid!

We also utilize the latest in mobile and Web technology to help viewers find and watch your work. Our clients have gone on to be recognized at illustrious showcases such as the Cannes Film Festival, New York Short Film Festival, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, FirstGlance Film Festival, and the Toronto International Women's Film Festival, to name a few.

Itsashort.com helps you gain exposure to wider audiences, meaning more opportunities to get your film seen and you paid.


Itsashort.com is made for filmmakers, fans, and festivals! We support creators like you by sharing your work, for which you can earn money and gain followers. We introduce fans like you to amazing short films and artists through a seamless viewing experience! We also partner with film festivals to help them reach new audiences.

Ultimately, itsashort.com is a win-win-win for the people who make, watch, and support short film!

Why Shorts?

The short is the signature format for most emerging media artists. It's a critical and revealing stage in their careers. But short films are often hard to finance and even harder for audiences and potential investors to find. We wanted to take this challenge head on and champion independent media by supporting and promoting the short format. With itsashort.com, you can enjoy and help support short film, or build your own career as a media artist one download at a time.