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What’s Up? Dear White People

Dear White People was oversold today at the Sundance Film Festival. Crowds were wrapped around the block of the Eccles Theatre, a venue with seating for 1200 people. It was amazing. The feature was developed from a short film (see…

What’s Chaud At The Moment

This really is the century of women! Check out this group of women rocking all areas of life!

What’s Up: WTF The Golden Globe Awards for Short Film, Video or Webisodes? Not!

Here’s what we know: Amy Adams won for best actress, finally! Well, she was amazing! Leo DiCaprio won for the Wolf and I love the idea of HER winning best script. For the entire list, check out 12 years a…

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What’s Up? Jimi Hendrix and the Gayageum?

So, what is a Gayageum? It’s a musical instrument found in Korea. Usually we post a short film, today is different, we are posting a short video, a #music video. What’s the difference between a short film and a short…

What’s Up: Nelson Mandela, a man for the ages

What’s Up: Nelson Mandela, a man for the ages.

What’s Up: Nelson Mandela, a man for the ages

R.I.P. Nelson Mandela. He was one of the true global statesman. Below is an interesting clip that graphically demonstrates the very worst of apartheid and the depth of Nelson Mandela’s compassion for all South Africans. No tribute will ever be…

What’s Up? HER

The Chicago International Film Festival played host to the Chicago screening of the new Spike Jonze movie HER. Wow! Artificial intelligence as a character, actually several characters…it was really something to think about. Is it in our future to be in…

2013 NewU Startup Competition

Fascinating opportunity from nabjdigital, who else is interested in all things new in digital?

What’s Up: The Northwest Film Festival?

Asian gangs in Vancouver, BC? Seems like an odd idea, but what do we know about Vancouver, BC? Lewis Bennet, a Canadian ‘shorts’ filmmaker and featured artist this year at the Northwest Film Festival, made a documentary about his personal…